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    10 FADE
    PRAYER OF SAINT AMBROSE TO SEEK AND TO FIND GOD: Lord, Teach me to seek You, and reveal Yourself to me when I seek You. For I cannot seek You unless You teach me, nor find You unless You first reveal Yourself to me. Let me find You in love, and love You in finding. - Saint Ambrose
    FROM OUR PARENT BEEHIVE During the start of the pandemic, we noticed my daughter was getting frustrated with reading and spelling but not other subjects. The teachers were able to listen to our concerns, observe my daughter and recommend both in-school and out of school resources.
    FROM OUR PARENT BEEHIVE My children are growing into inquisitive, kind and prayerful people and I feel blessed to have such committed teachers and faculty in the heart of Cheverly.
    FROM OUR PARENT BEEHIVE Saint Ambrose is a faith-based community that feels like a family. I have two children in elementary grades with very different personalities and needs, and both have found St. Ambrose to be the perfect opportunity to not only learn, but grow and thrive.